Fibers of Nature Exhibition

As two different substances that constantly appear in every-day life, both wood and fiber can be transformed from raw material into a multiplicity of functional pieces or fine art. The fibers of nature appear in many forms, including all forms of wood, grapevine, sweetgrass, hair, cotton, silk, hemp, wool, linen, paper, and more. The intent of this group exhibition is to highlight the beauty that is manifested in these different forms, and to illustrate how artists are able to weave, sculpt, and imagine these fibers into art.

Bluebird of Happiness

Peace Lutheran Church 1510 Broad Crossing Rd, Charlottesville, VA

Bluebirds symbolize happiness and joy, transformation and renewal. Join fiber artist, Donna Westermann, in the creation of your very own Bluebird!

$35 – $40