Fiber Equipment Rentals

Members may rent guild fiber equipment. All our equipment has been donated to the guild and in some cases refurbished using donations and discounts from Halcyon Yarns and the Woolery. If you have equipment in good working condition to donate to the guild, or questions about the rental program, please email us at

See the list below for items we currently have in the rental program, descriptions, and check the status on whether equipment is in or out. Photos available on request. Equipment is rented for periods of one to three months, and fees are noted below (with a discount if renting for two or three months). If an item you need is out you may place a hold on it by emailing

To rent equipment online and pay by PayPal, fill out and submit THIS FORM and someone from Rentals will contact you.

NOTE: If your device does not allow you to use the online form or if you don’t want to pay by PayPal, please download this fillable PDF form . Complete the form, save it, and email it to Mailing info to send your check is on the form.

CVFG Rental Equipment

TypeItemRentStatusDue Back
SpinAshford Traveler Spinning Wheel
Includes 4 bobbins, poly drive band, double drive band, orifice hook, oil bottle
SpinBabe Fiber Starter Double-Treadle Spinning Wheel
Includes 3 regular 5:1 bobbins, 3 lace bobbins, poly drive band, orifice hook, oil bottle
WeaveAVL 11" End Feed Weaving Shuttle
Includes 3 pirns
WeaveGilmore Gem 22” Floor Loom
8 shaft, 10 treadle, 450 heddles, includes 10 or 12 dent reed, has wheels.
$15/moOutOn request
WeaveHarrisville Designs 22” Floor Loom
8 shaft, 10 treadle, 600 heddles, includes 10 or 12 dent reed, has wheels.
WeaveInkle Loom, Schacht
Weave bands 4.5” x 8.5’, includes one stick shuttle.
WeaveKromski Harp 24” Rigid Heddle Loom
With stand, 12 dent heddle, includes warping peg, heddle hook, two stick shuttles.
WeaveLoom Kit, includes: warping board, two 24" lease sticks; 24" raddle, HD single-end bobbin winder, 4" bobbins, 2 boat shuttles, 2 stick shuttles, heddle hook$10/moIn
WeaveSchacht 15” Table Loom with stand
4 shaft, 100 heddles, includes 10, 12 or 15 dent reed. Great for demos!
$10/moOutOn request
WeaveSingle-end Bobbin Winder
WeaveVertical Warping Mill
Harrisville: 20 yd capacity
$5/moOutOn request
WeaveWarping Board
Harrisville, 12 yd capacity