Welcome to the new Fiber Arts Guild in Charlottesville and Central Virginia!  Our guild was formed in early-2018, and this site is still under construction.  Please check back for updates, or feel free to email us for info on membership and meetings at info@cvfg.org!

The new guild was formed by members of Albemarle Handweavers Guild, Charlottesville Fiber Arts Guild, and Whirling Whorls Fiber Arts to provide a single guild with a focus on all fiber arts disciplines and artists/crafters, at whatever skill level – from beginners to professionals.

We invite you to become a member!  Whether you are a weaver, spinner, knitter/crocheter, dyer, felter, quilter, basket maker, sock machine knitter, braider, beader, or embroiderer, please join us for informal craft-ins, educational programs, dye days, workshops, and special events.