Dye Day 2019 Sign Up

Come join us for Dye Day on September 15, 2019, 1 – 4 pm. We’ll meet at Margaret’s house in Charlottesville to enjoy the afternoon together and play with fiber and color. Directions will be emailed to you after you sign up.

Please bring your fabric/yarn/roving/locks ready to dye. All yarn and fabrics must be scoured before dyeing – you will need to do this before coming to dye. To scour, gently wash your cellulose item(s) in Arm & Hammer washing soda, rinse and let dry. Gently wash your protein item(s) in a very mild free and clear detergent that does not have any dyes or fabric softener in it. This will help to ensure that your dye takes well. Handle your measured yarns/warps carefully so that they don’t tangle.

We’ll offer four dye stations to explore dyeing different types of yarn, fabric, roving and wool locks. We’ll have a fiber reactive dye station for cellulose fibers – cotton, bamboo and/or tencel, a chemical dye station for protein fibers – silk and/or wool, mohair, alpaca, a chemical dye station for wool locks and roving dyeing, and a natural indigo vat station for yarn and fabric (please no loose fiber). Our stations will be managed by experienced dyers who will provide the set-up and dyes.

If you are interested in tie-dye or shibori, please have your fabrics tied off before you come. If you need some guidance, there are tons of tutorials on Pinterest.

The materials fees will be $5 per 8 oz. of fiber, colorway or item. Example: 1) 8 oz of yarn, all the same colors $5,    2) 4 oz. of yarn, two different colorways $10,    3) 4 oz. of yarn and one t-shirt $10. You will pay for each item at that respective dye station.

Bring plastic bags to take home your wet, newly-dyed fiber. (You must stay with your fiber before moving along to another station.)

Note: Most of the dye processes like to sit and stew a bit before rinsing. You will need to do the final rinse of your fiber back at your house a day or two later.

Sign ups for Dye Day are now closed.