Fiber-y Items June 19, 2020

Members, we sometimes get notices on fiber-related things between newsletters, and that are time-sensitive. So, we’ll make occasional blog posts and you will get an email notice when we do.


First, starting today, Friday June 19, is the online Fiber Arts & Textiles Symposium. They are going live (8-11am PDT, 9-12pm MDT, 10-1pm CDT, 11-2pm EDT, 3-6PM GMT) for Day 01 of the Fiber Arts & Textiles Symposium 2020! Go grab your favorite beverage, pen and paper to take lots of notes, sit down, relax and enjoy because this is going to be super-duper! Join them free! Fiber Arts Symposium Team

Today’s schedule
Symposium Kick-Off Gathering! 9am MDT Join Shahar Boyayan for the Kick-Off Gathering!
Catherine Marchant – 9am MDT: How to Create Mug Rugs
Beverley Saville – 3pm MDT: Mixed-Media Textile Techniques
Sharon Mitchell – 6pm MDT: Needle Sculpt a Character Cloth Doll

Need Fiber Processing?

Zeilinger’s Wool Company is in the first stages of planning a trip to Maryland in late June for a no-contact pick up of fiber. I think they may be receptive to making other stops on their way back to Michigan. If there are enough pounds to make it worth their while, they may pass through Virginia. They also would be in need of a place to set up for the event (farm, fairgrounds, etc.).
If you think that some you might be interested in getting your wool to Zeilingers in this way, let me know. Contact me at the email below with type of wool and quantity, so I can see if we can entice them to stop in VA.
Martha Polkey, Black Sheep Farm