About the Guild

Our new guild was formed by members of Albemarle Handweavers Guild, Charlottesville Fiber Arts Guild, and Whirling Whorls Fiber Arts to provide a single guild serving Central Virginia, with a focus on all fiber arts and artists, at whatever skill level – from beginners to professionals.

Coming Soon – a bit more history here, including our objectives for activities and outreach.

Central Virginia Fiberarts Guild Bylaws (adopted January 2018)
2018-2020 CVFG Leaders:

President – Margaret Briggs,  info@cvfg.org
VP/Programs Chair – Melanie Rowan,  programs@cvfg.org
Secretary/Newsletter Editor – Cyndi Jara-Almonte,  newsletter@cvfg.org
Treasurer/Membership – Marla Campbell, treasurer@cvfg.org
Outreach Chair – Kimberly Radcliffe,  outreach@cvfg.org
Communications/Website/Social Media – Margaret Briggs,  web@cvfg.org

2020-2022 Board and Committee Members Needed:

Here are the positions we need to fill at our election in June 2020:

ELECTED BOARD POSITIONS – July 2020 – June 2022

Duties include: preside at business meetings of the Guild and the Board, oversee the Guild’s activities, and sign contracts on the Guild’s behalf. The President will be an ex-officio member of all committees, with the exception of the Nominating Committee. The President will also work with the Treasurer to prepare the budget for presentation at the Annual Meeting, and will be a co-signer on the Guild bank account.

VP – Program/Workshop Chair
Melanie Rowan plans to stay on as VP, but would prefer to end her term in 2021. Are you interested in joining the Program/ Workshop Committee with a year to learn the job, and taking over as VP and Chair in Summer 2021? We currently have an active Programs Committee, most programs are already planned for 2020, so you would have a great head start on things.

The Program/Workshop Committee plans and schedules programs, field trips, and workshops, coordinates with the guild schedule, coordinates the location of all programs and workshops, and provides budget information to the Treasurer.

We are delighted that Zebee Levet has volunteered to serve as our next Treasurer for 2020-2022 .

Secretary – Newsletter
Chair Cyndi Jara-Almonte plans to return as our Secretary for 2020-2022.

Outreach Chair
Kimberly Radcliffe will continue as Outreach Chair, and seeks a Co-Chair to assist with scheduling volunteers and being present at some of our outreach events. CVFG has a presence at four major events per year, and we have more opportunities for small demos occasionally.

Communications – Website: Do you know WordPress 5+? Familiar with cPanel? We are looking for a Webmaster. Web updates include: adding programs and workshops to the website, creating sign up forms, and updating the membership list. Web admin duties include: domain and hosting renewals, updating guild email addresses, and adding new committee members to Basecamp.

Communications – Social Media: Join the committee to help publicize guild events, programs, and workshops, as well as events submitted to us from other Virginia guilds. Familiarity with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter a plus. Communications – PR & Graphics: We’d love someone with graphics and/or computer skills to help us publicize guild events by helping to produce and distribute the flyers created for our guild programs and workshops. Flyers are used on our website, on social media, and IRL at shops and events.

Newsletter Committee: We would love to have help with the monthly newsletter – finding and editing content, writing short articles, helping with graphics, helping to compile everything, and publishing by email. Internet access and basic computer skills required.

Equipment Rental Coordinator: Accept donations of fiber arts equipment, coordinate where guild looms, wheels and miscellaneous equipment are stored, and manage equipment rentals. Promote the rental program to members and update the Board occasionally. Internet access and basic computer skills required.

Library Coordinator: Accept donations of library materials, coordinate housing of the guild’s growing book and video library, process new library donations, and manage rentals. Promote use of the guild library to members and recommend library policies. Interest in books, internet access, and basic computer skills are all that’s required. Training provided.

Study Group Leader:
If you have a topic or question, we welcome members starting new study groups and we’ll help publicize it. You don’t have to be an expert! If you have questions about a fiber art or particular technique, others may also. It just takes one person to coordinate a group.